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Advocacy and Adoption

Reliance on ISA/IEC 62443 in Public Policy

ISAGCA Advocacy & Adoption

The ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance (ISAGCA) Advocacy & Adoption workgroup is focused on identifying opportunities to reference ISA/IEC 62443 in public policies and enable its adoptions by partnering with other groups.
Government Building

Adoption Status of Laws, Regulations, and Standards

Domestic and Global Efforts

The ISAGCA Advocacy Team works with various stakeholders to encourage reliance upon ISA/IEC 62443 in laws, regulations, and other standards. We are continuing our work to engage government agencies in these efforts and engage other standards organizations.

  • Qatar's National Cyber Security Agency recommends reliance on ISA/IEC 62443 for the electricity and water sector.
  • Singapore created a law that references ISA/IEC 62443.
  • Malaysia created regulations that reference ISA/IEC 62443.
  • The European Union meets monthly to work with IEC standards committees to help them reference ISA/IEC 62443 which is recognized as a horizontal standard to provide cybersecurity standards for various IEC standards. Many of the IEC standards committees plan to public a major revision of their standards by 2025.
  • The NEC (National Electrical Code) 2023 Requirements for Critical Operations Power Systems includes references to ISA/IEC 62443 and the ISA Security Compliance Institute.

Collaboration and Partnerships

ISAGCA has established relationships with other organizations to identify opportunities to collaborate on ISA/IEC 62443 advocacy and adoption efforts in their work.

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Energy Sector

ISA Bulk Power System Workgroup is working with DOE to secure the Bulk Power System (BPS) Supply Chain based on a response to a Request for Information on “Securing Critical Electric Infrastructure.”

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Oil and Gas

LOGIIC (Linking the Oil & Gas Industry to Improve Cybersecurity) is a consortium of five large oil companies who work on projects and studies to improve cybersecurity capabilities of OT systems.


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Industry Groups

Open Process Automation Forum is developing a standards-based, open, secure, interoperable process control architecture.

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Agency Partnerships

ISAGCA has also established relationship with government organizations to collaborate on ISA/IEC 62443 advocacy and adoption efforts:

Additional Projects on Adoption

ISAGCA funds projects designed to improve the adoption of ISA/IEC 62443:

  • IIoT Architectures Project
  • Cross Reference Project
  • Formal liaison between ISAGCA and ISA99 WG9
  • A&A Work Group Led by ISA Staff

Public Policy Advocacy

ISAGCA resources for public policy to support US critical infrastructure: